About Us

Business / Service Description

Green Eearth is a consulting organization adopts the methodologies, which are approved by Pollution Control Board. Our area of work is Pollution Monitoring, Prevention, & Control of Pollution, Industrial Safety. Green Eearth consultants assists industries in preventing, monitoring and controlling the industrial waste in line with regulations and enabling them to preserve the environment.

Our Vision

To become a consulting firm providing innovative and cost effective engineering solutions which add value to our client.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with environmental engineering solutions from concept planning through to commissioning, by making the best use of our highly skilled and experienced professional team working together using leading edge techniques.


Gauri Talathi is proprietor of Green eearthwho is Masters in Environmental Engineering and having 8 years of Industrial Experience.

Broad Area of Specialization or Strength & Verticals: We are specialize in to: sewage treatment plant, Effluent treatment plant and consultation for Environmental compliances.


  1. Sewage Treatment
  2. Effluent Treatment
  3. Organic Waste Management
  4. Compliance and Certification 
  • Effluent / Sewage Treatment Plant: Design & Detailed Engineering, Performance assessment, Erection &Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance.
  • Lab work:  water testing, waste water testing, Noise, Ventilation, Illumination, Temperature Profile Surveys.
  • Returns and membership of Practices of Hazardous Wastes.
  • Organic waste convertor
  • Environmental Auditing,
  • Environmental statement report
  • Environmental consent: Consent to operate, Consent to establish, renewal of consent.
  • Trainings: Environmental awareness, operation of effluent treatment plant, operation of sewage treatment plant, hazardous water handling, storage and disposal

Unique Selling Point(USP)

We always give the customize and innovativeDesign and solution for pollution control.

With our methodical approach and deep insight of environmental norms, we provide the solutions that are comprehensive and compliant in least possible time.

What’s initforme (Customer): Try answering one or more question stobuild you story– a In which are as do you help customer to address their pain, challenge, problems: 

  • Complexity of Norms, Regulation
  • Periodic changes in the policies and laws
  • Inadequate water resource
  • Disposal of treated waste
  • Liaising with Government Agencies 
  • Lack of use of technology

What benefits customers would get (costreduction, compliance, improvements, profitability, productivity, efficiency, skills, expansion, growth, strategy, outreach,  market in sight, turnover, market penetration– this list is limitless….) 

  • Compliance
  • Contributes to environment
  • Optimum use of Water

Technologies/Tools/Methods or Processesor years of relevant experience that makes your business morerobust,reliable,safeorsecure

  • We work for many industries to reduce the use of fresh water and works on more than 100 projects in this field
  • Out standardized package of drawing and documents.
  • SOPs developed based on our experience after delivering 100+ projects.

Do your customers prefer you because of……price, affinity, closevicinity, quality,  your knowledge or expertise, your innovations/creativity, uniqueness of your offerings, Flexibility, availability, Superior Customer Service.

  • We provide customize design and solutions for environmental related problems
  • Masters in Environmental Engineer
  • We are ISO 9001:2018  certified company

Your Offerings

Talk about your products and/or Services and/or solution. Inaddition, tryto build ade scription that will provide certain (and possibly measurable)

  • Turnkey Projects: Design, regulatory approvals, procurement, installation, and commissioning (Concept to commissioning)
  • Compliance Services including liaising services.
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Trainings

Tie?ups/Associations: E.g.Ifyouhaveproductoroperatinglicenseoragreementwithsome bignames.

Numbers: Completed more than 100 projects

Your engagement models (It may not be applicable to allbut for some of us may have retainer,part?time,deputation kind of models of engagement)

This will include Achievements, Accreditation, Awards

Also include One or Maximum two authentic Endorsements/Testimonials or Reviews

  • Received from not able clients.Or Best compliments your company has ever received.
  • What comes to your customer’s mind when they think of you? E.g.reliability, credible, commitment, transparency,
  • List of Delighted Clients, Or the clients that you have been serving for long or getting repeated business. Bring their logo if you are allowed to use.
  • Blogs, Public at ions if any. 

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